A Zircon Portable Storage Container For Every Need

Zircon Manufacturing, Inc. outfits new and refurbished mobile shipping containers to suit your precise requirements, whether you need a comfortable mobile office, secure mobile storage facility, office/storage combo, portable building, mobile medical center, portable housing, military storage, ground-level communication shelter, even a greenhouse or grow unit. We cater to clients in industry, ranching, farming, retail, and even homeowners.

Before you receive your fully refurbished, weatherproof portable storage container, it is carefully prepared to guarantee the finest quality.

These steps include:

  • Sandblasting, both inside and out, to ensure a properly prepared surface
  • Welding a steel lock box to the outside of the doors for heightened security
  • Sealing with a two-part epoxy or welding
  • Creating a slight bow in the roof so water and snow will not puddle
  • Checking and repairing all door hinges, gaskets, and closers
  • Painting the container with an industrial-grade product both inside (white) and outside (tan)
  • High-pressure wash

Zircon Portable Storage Containers versus pods

Although the term pod is sometimes used interchangeably with Zircon portable storage containers, Zircon does not provide lightweight pods made of plastic and aluminum, conex boxes or household moving services.

Zircon onsite storage containers are constructed of durable steel. Weatherproof and secure, our shipping containers are designed for remote locations where other materials would typically degrade and for applications where security is paramount. When empty, we can move your Zircon container to another location of your choosing.