Save Time, Money, and Lives with Zircon’s Job Site Safety Center™

Working in remote industrial locations, from oilrigs to coal mines to construction sites in developing countries, is dangerous. The question is not if your employees will get hurt on the job but when and how severely?

Studies prove that immediate and appropriate treatment of workplace medical emergencies decreases both the duration and severity of injuries. Keeping lifesaving equipment handy on site ensures that injured workers receive the timely treatment they need to quickly return to the business at hand. Zircon’s Job Site Safety Center™ is a modified, temperature-controlled portable shipping container fully outfitted with the supplies and equipment needed to treat injuries most common to your industry and location, and labeled with the universal symbols signifying the emergency equipment present.

Job Site Safety CenterZircon’s Job Site Safety Center includes:

  • First aid supplies
  • Eyewash station
  • Hoistable personnel carrier
  • Backboard
  • Recovery Bed
  • Blankets
  • Self-contained sink
  • Defibrillator (AED)
  • Climate control, lighting, and electricity
  • Emergency back-up gasoline-powered generator and switch gear
  • Biohazard cleaning supplies