“Our Zircon storage container rental acts as remote onsite storage on our estate. It also came in handy for storing all our furniture and household items while we made the move from one property to another.” – Homeowner

“Our Zircon mobile storage container is ready to go the minute we open the door. And when our job site moves, our mobile office comes right along with us.” – Civil engineering firm

“Our Zircon portable storage container acts as the storage facility for our multiple retail outlets. Very convenient and cost effective.” – Retail operation  

“With our Zircon shipping container, we were able to store our equipment out in the field rather than transporting it back and forth from our base. This made repairs and ordinary maintenance much easier and convenient.” – Agribusiness

“The possibility of accidents is a concern in this business. Our Zircon Job Site Safety Center gives us an extra measure of confidence that our workers are protected.” – Mining company

“We know all the tools, equipment, and blueprints are in one place—inside our Zircon portable storage container. When we’re ready to move from one job to the next, our Zircon shipping container comes with us.” – Construction company

“Our Zircon shipping container has produced considerable ROI. We no longer waste time and money when moving sensitive equipment from one location to another. Our specialized facility is easily transported and operational in a matter of minutes.” – International energy company  

“Our mobile facilities are planted in remote regions where weather-resistance and security are high priorities. Zircon’s onsite storage units stand up to the elements while supplying the customized functionality we require.” – Telecom company